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Processes? You already have them!

It is just a matter of a different perspective and a different way of thinking: shifting from ‘assignment’ to ‘process’.

More and more companies are discovering the power of process thinking.

They realise that processes are carriers of revenue. At the end of the day it is the processes that transform a customer’s input into customer output. A clear focus on process thinking is therefore crucial.



Discover the power of process thinking  [please find more information below]

By converting process thinking into process action you will not only get Grip on your process. You will also create a stepping stone for several other challenges in your organisation. Optimising your strategy, improving customer service, getting a Grip on your risks, projects and IT challenges, etc. 

Process thinking
Process thinking seems so straightforward, however it is not that obvious. Almost all working global citizens have been raised to think in terms of assignments: this is your assignment, this is the organogram, this is your department. Whereas we keep saying that we should be customer focused, and the customer is at the beginning of the process and expects results (at the end of the process). The customer isn’t in the least bit interested in assignments, organograms or departments. Getting a Grip on the customer, simply means getting a Grip on the process.

Process acting
Process Express has  used its 15 years of hands-on experience to develop the Grip Practhode, providing step by step guidance to getting a Grip. Process acting leads to Grip. Our Practhode consists of 7 steps to achieve Grip. You will find details of the 7 steps under the Tab Grip.

Your strategy
Several of our customer cases have shown that a given identity and strategy can be directly translated into process design and process execution. By using processes as links, you will be taking an important step towards getting the optimisation of your strategy right, the first time round. The organogram and the departments will follow suit at a later stage.

Your customers
Process thinking provides you with a clear perspective of your added value from customer to customer. The customer’s requirements and wishes can be directly translated to the processes. The process will clarify the role of the customer, such as the customer entry-point. Process thinking and acting will automatically provide you with an enviable goal: customer focus.

Your risks
The process thinking and acting perspective will generate an important framework for addressing, planning and managing Risk & Compliance issues. The process offers the  'roadmap' on which a potential risk can be highlighted and the pertaining mitigation can be planned.

Your IT systems
It is a persistent misunderstanding that setting up and introducing IT systems can be successful without properly engaging in process thinking and process acting. Random implementation of IT systems in one or more departments, without reflecting on the customer, input, process, output is a recipe for disappointment. At the end of the day it is the IT systems that support the process and not the reverse!

Your projects
By taking a close and deliberate look at the inherent structuring characteristic of the 'process' every time you set up a project, chances are you can adequately implement process thinking. In this respect, the subject ‘Process’ is used rather as a way to “cross the t’s and dot the i’s “ instead of giving it a structural role in the project.


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