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Your line of business will undoubtedly have its own dynamics, rules, developments, etcetera.

In this respect, processes are bound to play an important role in your line of business. Implementing our Grip Practhode, or elements of it,  has proved to be successful time and time again.

We are extremely proud of our substantial group of satisfied clients.

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The success of implementing our Grip Practhode  [please find more information below]

Process Express has served a wide range of organisations: 

Financial Services
Process Express has successfully concluded various projects for insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Core subjects are: ISEA3402, SOx, SAS70, redesign, outsourcing and in sourcing projects and full fledged roll out of the Grip Practhode.

Business Services
In this line of business, customer satisfaction is of primordial importance. Setting up the appropriate input  and output channels for the customer is an inherent part of processes. The gap between the actual processing time of the input and the throughput time between input and output is often immense!

Communication & Technology
The Communication & Technology business is the youngest of them all. The speed at which businesses are being set up, changed and merged is amazing. Agility is therefore important. As is the robust combination of IT and processes, especially in a world in which the role of the customer is increasingly being pulled into the organisation (self-service).

Trade, Retail & Logistics
It is these businesses that especially require Grip when they reach a certain size. The entrepreneur who once started the business with a marvellous  idea, discovers that all of a sudden, he needs to start managing. The organisation grows and an 'organogram-reflex' leads to an attempt to get a Grip on the business. Getting a Grip on operational business management will reassure the entrepreneur who will once again be able to see the wood for the trees.

We live in a society where change seems to be the only constant factor. This constant factor requires Grip. It  is an enormous challenge for a government agency or a municipality to sail these choppy waters and at the same time meet a host of change requirements.

Education, Health Care & Welfare
It is an understatement to contend that the sector Education, Health and Welfare is evolving. The constant cut backs, more than ever, have led to a clamour for increased efficiency and effectiveness. Thinking and working on the premise of processes is yet again the key to success.


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