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It is with great pride that we present our 15 years of hands-on experience in the field of Business Process Management (BPM), which has materialized in a series of services.

Besides consultancy work, Process Express offers a host of different services.

These services are closely interconnected, since they all depart from the same premise: the Grip Practhode.


Professional and hands-on  [please find more information below]

Our services comprise: 

Consultancy & Coaching
Process Express has a longstanding experience in the field of Business Process Management (BPM). By and large,  BPM can be broken down into process control and process improvement. Our vision is very much the result of what we encounter in our day to day practice. Namely, too much focus on improving processes without first controlling the processes. This is precisely why we have decided to specialize in process control.

With a method entirely devised by ourselves, the Grip Practhode, we have been able to assist many (inter) nationally operating companies. Besides consultancy services, we also provide coaching for managers, BPM professionals or process owners.

By means of our own Grip maturity model, we can swiftly determine the maturity of the organisation in terms of process thinking and process acting. In a few interactive workshops with management and staff, together we can identify bottlenecks  and select quick wins.

This provides you with a clear view of your organisation’s Grip maturity.

Process Express has the expertise to identify how and where a BPMS solution can provide added value for you. There are dozens of systems available offering BPMS solutions. Following an in-depth study, we have entered into a partnership with Barium Live!, an innovative BPMS tool  in the cloud. It is our pleasure to help you work with BPMS.
If you would like to, please see the demonstration film of Barium Live! on this page. Alternatively visit the website of our partner at, and try the tool for free or join a webinar.  

Risk & Certification
An increasing number of organisations are looking for solutions in terms of risk control, have issues with compliance or require certification. You will experience that focusing on processes will allow you to lay a solid foundation to that effect. We can provide you with an integrated risk & compliance framework, such as for instance ISAE3402.

Project Management
To us project management means controlled change with lasting results. Process Express knows from experience that a  'first time right' change process is not only essential but also requires a specific working method. Do you also want to get it right, the first time round? Process Express is your partner!

BPM set up
Process Express has a wealth of experience in setting up BPM-departments within organisations. We will structure the department, but will also make sure the department dove-tails with the other departments in the business. If you already have a BPM-type of department which can use a boost, we will be happy to help you enhance the department’s potential.

Our training portfolio encompasses training in both process control and process improvement.
The chart below provides details of our training portfolio. Our most successful Procescontrol training course and the Masterclasses are also available in the English language.

Training Portfolio

Masterclass Grip: discover the power of process thinking within your organisation.


You are more than welcome to try a free webinar. Please visit the website of our partner Barium Live! to sign up directly by following this link



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