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Grip: Process Express’ ticket to success.

Introducing Grip in your organisation allows you to achieve the greatest possible improvements to your operational business management.

Our clients, (inter) national businesses, are fully committed to our Grip Practhode which has evolved through the years.

We are extremely proud of their success. Please find the Grip action plan below.

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Optimise your operational business management with Grip  [please find more information below]

The Grip action plan consist of 7 steps.

The 7 steps are:

1. Vision
2. Process ownership
3. Mapping
4. Shop floor
5. Measuring
6. Managing the process
7. Improving

Process Express has published 45 articles with regard to the Grip Practhode. Unfortunately all the articles are in Dutch. Below, please find a concise explanation of each step.

1. Vision
This first step "vision" will allow you to quickly get a complete picture of your business processes. This overview will then serve as a link between your mission and strategy on the one hand and your operational execution on the other. This stepping stone will link your goals to the realisation thereof. You will automatically become customer focused, since the customer is the first and the last link in your process.

2. Process ownership
The process that runs from customer to customer, requires proper monitoring. The transformation of a customer demand to a result for the customer, is to be supervised by the process owner. Process ownership is an organisational measure to get a better Grip on the processes.

3. Mapping
Mapping processes is perhaps most related to BPM and seems so very simple. However, experience has shown us that there are a great many pitfalls. One of which is for instance mapping too many processes. Did you know that there are no less than 15 measures that management must take before the first icon is recorded in a process model?

4. Shop floor
Process Express acknowledges that  'the human factor' in the process constitutes the main pre-requisite for positive results. In the rational turmoil of process, IT, KPI's, targets, strategy, etc…, it is ultimately up to the employee to perform. The Grip Practhode therefore emphasises a focus on the people-side.

5. Measuring
Most companies have sorted the issue of measuring financial parameters. The same does not  always hold true for operational performance. It is, however, of the utmost importance to keep track of performance vis a vis the customer.

6. Managing the process
Measuring KPI’s will lead to a printer spilling out a report. Who is to do what with the measurement results? At which meetings will the KPI’s be discussed? What does adequate process management require, how will you structure the management of your processes and how do you organise effective decision-making?

7. Improving
The measured process that is being managed, will undoubtedly lead to ideas for improvement. Improvements, however, are surrounded by many slippery slopes, such as fighting symptoms, failing to involve and commit staff, misreading the impact of change, etc.


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