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We are the organisational consultancy firm that has made Business Process Management (BPM) tangible.

We guarantee that our (inter)national clients will achieve better operating results by following our pragmatic no-nonsense approach: Grip.

Just like a coach in sports, Grip will allow you to reach your full potential. We are happy to work with you in order to untap the potential of your business processes.

No Grip No Glory!

Process Express: Your BPM professionals

As an organisational consultancy firm, Process Express has been focusing on the practical implementation of Business Process Management (BPM),  i.e. process thinking and process acting, since 2006.

Companies and institutions are increasingly starting to discover the power of their processes. As a consequence it is imperative to develop a tangible and practical approach to processes. And we know how to do it!

Process Express is frequently being acknowledged as the business partner of choice for the practical implementation of process management. In 2011 fellow BPM consultancies have awarded Process Express with the BPM Personality Award. Recently we won the BPM Best Practice Award of a project we have done together with the municipality Schiedam. The result of our Grip approach turned out to be an actual saving of € 7 million (!!!) on a yearly basis. We are very grateful and consider these awards to be a big compliment.

We follow a no-nonsense approach, our Grip Practhode draws on more than 15 years of experience in BPM. How can you instil process thinking in the minds of managers? What are the benefits? When do you deploy BPM? What are the do’s and what are the don’ts?

Our consultants have all been meticulously trained in the philosophy of Grip. With their passion and commitment they achieve sustainable and innovative improvements both in profit and non-profit organisations. 

Indulge in the success! It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves at a first introductory meeting.


Process Express BPM Personality Award 2011

BPM Best Practice Award 2012

BPM Best Practice Award 2013



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